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US Acrylic Awards is known for American Made Acrylic Awards, Trophies, Embedments, Plaques and Medals. We create custom shaped works of art to inspire your team and promote your corporate brand.

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LaserCut™ Round 5" Acrylic Medal | Printed or Engraved Free
Get Your Acrylic Awards Program In Shape with a 1" Thick Elite Series LaserCut™ Acrylic Award | Up To 80 Square Inches – Delivered Fast
Get Your Acrylic Awards Program In Shape with a 1" Thick Elite Series LaserCut™ Acrylic Award | Up To 100 Square Inches – Delivered Fast
From $75.95

Allure™ X-Large Acrylic Encasement

Try our x-large Allure™ Acrylic Encasement | Up to 63 square inches | Engraved Free
From $85.95

Allure™ XX-Large Acrylic Encasement

Try our xx-large Allure™ Acrylic Encasement | Up to 80 square inches | Engraved Free
LaserCut™ Square 3" Acrylic Medal | Printed or Engraved Free
LaserCut™ Square 5" Acrylic Medal | Printed or Engraved Free

Acrylic Awards — the perfect recognition award asset...

There are four reasons acrylic makes the perfect recognition asset for your company. Each with its own set of values to catapult your corporate recognition program to new heights. At — we know recognition and we have 35 plus years of US manufacturing experience to show for it. Over 300 years of combined staff experience providing the finest custom acrylic awards in the world. Learn more about the benefits of acrylic as a medium to recognize and motivate your employees below.


Acrylic by nature is a beautiful product

  • Crystal-clear and flawless, acrylics made by are bubble free and made only of the highest quality components. Whether we provide you with cast acrylic or use sheet stock to fabricate your awards and trophies, you’re sure to get the highest-grade acrylic and Lucite® available in the creation of your awards.
  • Custom unique acrylic awards are our specialty and we take great pride in our creativity. Whether you are choosing an acrylic embedment or one of our traditional engraved acrylic awards — you’re going to get a work of art created by the finest acrylic craftsmen in the world.


Acrylic can be fabricated into a multitude of custom shapes

  • With the right tools and experience — acrylic can be cut, sanded, printed on, laser engraved and polished to perfection. Each of our trademarked acrylic lines are created by skilled craftsmen using the finest equipment in the industry. Whether you need a patent book cast into an acrylic embedment or a mountain shaped acrylic award there are no finer acrylic artisans in the USA than those you will find at
  • Acrylic awards can be designed using computer modeling software prior to fabrication which allows for visual mockups and adjustments to the final outcome. Our factory is an innovator in the acrylic award market creating the most unique custom acrylic recognition awards available in the US and Canada.


Acrylic is by nature resistant to breaking and chipping

  • Unlike glass, Acrylic Awards are inherently unbreakable. The molecular structure of acrylic is such that it takes significant stress to break it. Scratches are easily buffed and repaired plus if an award gets chipped often times it can be sanded and re-polished to perfection and look as good as new. Glass and crystal on the other hand cannot be repaired and will most likely need to be replaced at a high cost.
  • Side by side acrylic awards are more durable than glass and crystal plus will hold up better to common stress including tipping and scratches.


Acrylic Awards travels well and ship easily

  • Acrylic by nature weighs less than half that of glass and significantly less even than crystal depending on the lead content. Though weighty itself, acrylic trophies ship compact because less packaging is needed. Allowing more awards to go into each box saving a significant amount in dimensional and package weights.
  • If an acrylic award shatters, it will break into large pieces. Unlike glass and crystal that may shatter and leave shards of dangerous fragments to clean up.
  • Though we often ship directly to our corporate clientele’s recognition events, some of our clients travel with their awards tucked neatly in a suitcase. Because acrylic awards package tightly, our customers have found traveling with acrylic a better solution than the bulky glass and crystal options.

We hope you enjoy shopping the choice for custom shaped acrylic awards. American Made by American Hands in a US factory that is well equipped to handle any size order. Acrylic awards, trophies, plaques, embedments, entrapments, encasements and paperweights — all manufactured in house and ready to ship fast.


Our trademarked acrylic awards include many unique options that are sure to impress and add prestige to any recognition awards program...

  • Array™ Acrylic Embedments

  • ColorCast™ Acrylic Awards

  • Composites™ Acrylic Awards

  • Lucent™ Acrylic Awards

  • Allure™ Acrylic Entrapments

  • Allure™ Acrylic Encasements