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Casting Challenge Coins in Lucite®
Many collectors have begun requesting custom keepsakes to protect and display their coins inside a crystal-clear thermoplastic named Lucite®. Suspending inside acrylic resins brings out the detail and highlights the colorful designs most challenge coins possess.
Unlock the Potential of Trophies with These 6 Tips for Adding Color
If manufactured properly, Lucite® – the purest form of acrylic, is by nature crystal clear and an exceptional substrate for adding color. Understanding the nature of Lucite® and color theory will help you to make the best decisions when selecting acrylic trophies, plaques, or medals.
Taking employee recognition to the next level
Genuine recognition does not need to be complicated or extravagant. The most important aspect is to recognize people for their contributions directly or better yet in front of their peer group.
The Shape of Recognition
With so many shapes to choose from, many have asked US Acrylic Awards – What is the most popular shape and which one should I choose? Many of our customers find this a puzzling issue and it’s a question that requires a bit of thought, especially as it relates to corporate recognition programs. Corporate awards often have logos, text, and embedded items cast directly into the Lucite® which may have an effect on the proposed shape.
The History of Engraved Awards
For over half a million years, humans have found engraving not only to be the best way of documenting history, but also an art form that has been used to decorate walls, gemstones, bones, weapons, jewelry, swords, and modern day recognition awards presented for high performance.
UV Printing on Acrylic Awards
Adding low cost colored accents, logos, and images to acrylic sheet stock and awards is now a reality with the introduction of full color UV Printing on Acrylic. What UV Printing is, how it is done, and how it can be utilized to create exceptional acrylic awards are all questions we’re going to address in this article.
The facts about financial tombstones.
Today we’re going to look at what a financial tombstone is, how it came to be, and what the term represents as it relates to custom trophies or deal toys. First, it is important to specify that a tombstone should not be identified specifically as a deal toy because they are actually required by the SEC as a final step in a financial deal or transaction.
Acrylic, Glass or Crystal - Which is the best choice for recognition awards?
When it comes to recognizing your team for a job well done, there are a lot of choices for fine corporate awards. The three most common mediums for business recognition trophies are crystal, glass, and acrylic. All three are quality options, look great, and have similar visual characteristics. But one product stands out as the best stress-free choice for corporate recognition and our intention with this article is to review the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed purchasing decision.
Effective recognition in a remote work environment.
Three years after the breakout of COVID, we thought it might be a good idea to reevaluate the performance of remote recognition programs. Though we’ve seen an increase in the business sector calling employees back to the office, there is still data that suggests a robust remote workforce is here to stay.
Acrylic engraving which substrate is best – cast or extruded?
Acrylic engraving has been a popular form of decorating recognition awards since the early 90’s when laser engraving technology became accessible to the local trophy shop. In this article, we are going to discuss the chemical composition of cast acrylic or Lucite®, the difference between cast and extruded acrylic materials, and some of the common decoration methods that are used in the trophy and recognition industry.