Acrylic Award Plaques

Acrylic Award Plaques are a colorful option to traditional wood plaques. Acrylic offers a stylish contemporary look with colorful accents to enhance your message and build your corporate brand.

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From $46.60

Star Acrylic Plaque 10"

Star Acrylic Plaque 10" available in white or black | Free Full Color Printing
From $57.40

Star Acrylic Plaque 12"

Star Acrylic Plaque 12" available in white or black | Free Full Color Printing
From $37.25

Star Acrylic Plaque 9"

Star Acrylic Plaque 9" available in white or black | Free Full Color Printing

Acrylic Wall Plaques are modern and stylish. . .

Crafted of Lucite® sheets – acrylic is an exceptional product that can be fabricated into creative shapes and polished to a sleek finish. As a substrate for acrylic plaque fabrication – the posibilities for custom designs and color combinations are virtually endless. Our collection above includes many of our popular stock shapes that can be customized with full color printing and words of appreciation.

Our design team is always up for a challenge, so if you have an idea for a custom shaped acrylic plaque – give us a call 833-760-1816 at or write us with your specifications by using our contact us page.


How are Acrylic Plaques made?

Fabricated in Glendale, Arizona US Acrylic Awards has taken the skills acquired over years of cast acrylic award manufacturing and developed a process that uses a combination of laser or saw cutting, direct UV (ultra-violet) printing and laser engraving to create stunning works of art. Each with its own character and assembled to perfection.

Our high-power lasers meticulously cut Lucite® sheets to any shape with a remarkable flame polished edge. Often designed around corporate logos – our custom design team has over 300 combined years of experience in acrylic manufacturing.

Add color to your corporate plaques with direct full color printing. A process similar to an ink jet printer – our UV printers spray fine particles of ink onto the acrylic sheets with a high powered ultra-violet light trailing behind to cure the color permanently on the surface. Corporations can benefit from UV printing by displaying their corporate logo and branding.

Acrylic Plaques are a completely custom acrylic award only available from US Acrylic Awards