Array™ Rectangle Acrylic Embedment 3" x 4"

Encapsulate your object into a Rectangular 3" x 4" Array™ Custom Acrylic Embedment

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Standard embedments are clear and include two cast items plus free laser engraving. Adding color to your embedment will highlight your cast items with a white paper or floating clear acetate cast beautifully into the acrylic.

  • No Printing
    No Printing
  • Color Printed Paper [+10%]
    Color Printed Paper [+10%]
  • Color Printed Paper | 2 Sided [+20%]
    Color Printed Paper | 2 Sided [+20%]
  • Printed Transparent Acetate [+10%]
    Printed Transparent Acetate [+10%]

Standard embedment thickness is 1" — you may choose a thicker embedment to accommodate your item. To calculate thickness, please choose a thickness that is 3/4" thicker than your item(s) to be cast.

  • 1" Thick (Standard)
    1" Thick (Standard)
  • 1 1/4" Thick [+20%]
    1 1/4" Thick [+20%]
  • 1 1/2" Thick [+40%]
    1 1/2" Thick [+40%]
  • 2" Thick [+80%]
    2" Thick [+80%]

Standard acrylic embedments are crystal clear. Adding a color accent to the bottom or back of your acrylic embedment can help enhance your corporate brand.

  • No Accent
    No Accent
  • White Bottom Accent [+5%]
    White Bottom Accent [+5%]
  • Black Bottom Accent [+5%]
    Black Bottom Accent [+5%]
  • Blue Bottom Accent [+5%]
    Blue Bottom Accent [+5%]
  • Red Bottom Accent [+5%]
    Red Bottom Accent [+5%]
  • White Back Accent [+10%]
    White Back Accent [+10%]
  • Black Back Accent [+10%]
    Black Back Accent [+10%]
  • Blue Back Accent [+10%]
    Blue Back Accent [+10%]
  • Red Back Accent [+10%]
    Red Back Accent [+10%]

Our acrylic embedments are beautiful with standard squared edges — custom options include beveled edges, rounded side edges or a wedge front. Adding a new profile changes the way light interacts with your embedment.

  • Square Edge
    Square Edge
  • Beveled Edge [+8%]
    Beveled Edge [+8%]
  • Side Edges Rounded [+10%]
    Side Edges Rounded [+10%]
  • Angle Wedge Front [+25%]
    Angle Wedge Front [+25%]

At 1" thick all of our embedments are free-standing and do not require a base. Adding an acrylic base will enhance your embedment with a weighted look and feel more like an acrylic trophy.

  • No Base
    No Base
  • 3/8" thick black base [+14%]
    3/8" thick black base [+14%]
  • 3/8" clear base [+14%]
    3/8" clear base [+14%]
  • 1/2" black base [+16%]
    1/2" black base [+16%]
  • 1/2" clear base [+16%]
    1/2" clear base [+16%]
  • 3/4" black base [+20%]
    3/4" black base [+20%]
  • 3/4" clear base [+20%]
    3/4" clear base [+20%]
  • 1" black base [+24%]
    1" black base [+24%]
  • 1" clear base [+24%]
    1" clear base [+24%]

Crafted by our skilled artisans at our Glendale, Arizona facility, our expertise lies in crafting flawless rectangular embedments measuring 3" x 4". Meticulously crafted without a trace of air bubbles, our unique embedment process ensures perfection in every detail.


Our exclusive technique involves our adept team blending liquid and powdered Lucite® monomers and polymers. This intricate process results in a casting resin that outshines glass in terms of clarity, elegantly suspending your cherished items within acrylic. The outcome? Stunning embedments that effortlessly captivate attention.


Key Highlights:

  • US Acrylic Awards proudly boasts a 35-year legacy in the industry.
  • With over 200 years of collective experience, our team excels in casting, fabrication, and polishing.
  • Choose from 4 standard thicknesses and add an accent color to enhance the Lucite®.
  • Select from optional square, beveled, rounded, or angled edge profiles.
  • Opt for a fused base available in clear or black acrylic.
  • Customize further with optional full-color graphics inside the resins and personalize with color-filled laser engraving.


Over the years, we've had the privilege of casting significant items like breast marker stents, vaccine bottles and other medical devices for our clients. Our outstanding reviews and customer satisfaction record underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence. Navigating our comprehensive web application for acrylic cast embedments might feel daunting. Nevertheless, rest assured, we're here to support you. Reach out; our friendly customer service representatives look forward to guiding you toward making the perfect decision.


Your satisfaction remains our paramount priority. We are devoted to ensuring that every acrylic award embedded with your cherished possessions meets and exceeds your expectations.

Product specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Depth1" standard additional thickness options available for added cost
MaterialClear Acrylic
EngravingEngraving is free on this item
DesignOur design team is ready to help you create a one of a kind embedment
Accepted ArtworkGenerally, only vectored .eps, .ai, .cdr and .pdf files are accepted. Our graphics team will review the submitted file while creating your free proof and contact you with any issues.
Production Time2 weeks standard production with rush service available if needed
ShippingFree Shipping orders over $200
Cleaning Acrylic
  • Wash with mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Use a clean soft cloth. Rinse well and blot dry with damp cloth.
  • NEVER use abrasive cleaners, household cleaners, window-cleaning fluids, scouring compounds, gritty cloths, or strong solvents such as alcohol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc.
  • To maintain the brilliant luster of Lucite, wax occasionally with a good grade automobile paste wax (NOT A CLEANER-WAX COMBINATION OR HOUSEHOLD SPRAY WAXES). Apply a thin coat with a clean cotton flannel cloth. Then wipe with a clean cloth to polish.
PackagingEmbedments are individually poly bagged and boxed
Digital ProofsDigital proofs are provided free of charge prior to production. Please respond within 24 hours to make sure production schedules are met.
How do I get started?Place your order online or call us at (833) 760-1816 for more information.
Additional Information
  • Embedments are fully customizable with multiple options.
  • Embedments are a handmade and finished product — some size variance should be expected.
  • Metal items cast into acrylic should not be stored or shipped if subjected to freezing temperatures. Metal inherently contracts in freezing weather which will potentially crack the acrylic surrounding cast items.
  • Dropped your embedment? Damaged pieces may be able to be repaired by trimming and repolishing the surface.
  • encourages a prototype for larger orders. Please allow one week for prototype production from art approval.
  • For more information call customer service at 623-847-9875

Where do I send my items to be embeded?

Send your items directly to our manufacturing facility in Glendale, Arizona

  • US Acrylic Awards – 5607 North 54th Avenue – Glendale, AZ 85301
  • Please be sure to include your contact information and US Acrylic Awards order number with your items.


What's the difference between an acrylic award and an acrylic trophy?

The term acrylic award is a phrase used to describe all of the products that are concidered to be in the recognition award family and made out of acrylic.

Here are some examples within the family of acrylic awards

How much do acrylic awards cost?

Acrylic Award, Embedment, Entrapment and Encasement Cost

  • Simply choose your acrylic award, embedment, entrapment or encasement options from the "Custom Options" tab and input your quantity in the box next to the “Add to Cart” button to calculate your per piece cost. Engraving is included free on all of our acrylic awards and can be input from the cart or emailed later.
  • For more information call our friendly customer service team at (833) 760-1816


How long will my order take to produce?

Acrylic Embedments

  • After receipt of your embeddable items, your custom cast acrylic embedments will be shipped within two weeks.

Acrylic Awards

  • Our normal production time on acrylic awards is 7-10 days. is the manufacturer for every product in our line so we are not dependent on middlemen or suppliers.

Rush Orders

  • Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to do get our awards out quickly. Rush orders are not a problem and we will work with you to make sure your acrylic awards are delivered for your event if at all possible.


Will you be able to cast my object?

Most items can be cast into acrylic

  • With 34+ years of experience working with cast acrylic — our staff is usually able to determine over the phone whether an item can or can’t be cast. If we are not sure, we would ask that you send a sample to test prior to placing an order.

Do you charge for engraving?

Laser Engraving is Free and Easy to Submit

  • All of our acrylic award products include free laser engraving. Often embedments do not require engraving since most of the detail is cast beautifully into the crystal-clear acrylic. However, if you need to personalize an embedment — you can be assured we will do it at no cost.
  • Engraving may be added by clicking the button "ADD/EDIT ENGRAVING" in your cart.
  • You may submit via our online application, upload engraving instructions document or send via email at a later date.


Can you match my logo colors?

US Acrylic Awards knows the importance of matching Patone® colors for corporate brands and takes great pride in our ability to do so. However due to the characteristics associated to acrylic there are times it is difficult to get an exact match.

  • Embedding clear acetate or paper inside acrylic cant affect the color slightly
  • Our Lucent™ line is created to be translucent intentionally to attract light and highlight colors and therefore is impossible to do an exact match.
  • Light reacting to clear acrylic can have different effects especially when choosing an award with beveled edges or added thicknesses.

Though we've made it as simple as we can to order from our web platform, we know you may have more questions about our products and services. We're here to help — please call us at (833) 760-1816 and we'll make sure one of our friendly customer service team members gets you the answers you need to make a wise decision.

Partnering with is your guarantee of an exceptional experience from beginning to end. Our state-of-the-art web platform offers easy price calculations – so you know exactly what you will pay. Our knowledgeable sales and customer service teams are ready to assist with design – plus in-house manufacturing ensures your items are Made in the USA and will be amazing.

If there is ever a problem with one of our high quality acrylic awards – we steadfastly stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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