Color Filling Acrylic

Color filling is estimated to go back tens of thousands of years. Though indigenous people did not have modern equipment to incise and color fill their cave drawings, the process was similar. By removing the substrate and adding pigmented oils artists of old could permanently mark their environments.

Modern laser engravers have the power to incrementally remove the polished surface material from cast acrylic. Lasers can be programmed to simply frost the surface or take deeper passes leaving a void in the acrylic that can be filled with color. Often used to highlight an embedded item, adding the color is achieved with a pigmented paste available in several colors with the most common being gold, silver, copper, black and white.

Embedded police badge with blue background and gold color filled laser engraved text.Pentagon acrylic embedment with flight wings and copper filled laser engraved text.Round Lucite® embedment with laser engraved black base color filled with white paste.LaserCut™ acrylic award with black base laser engraved then color filled with gold rub and buff.

These images show how adding color filling to the laser engraved text highlights the deal toy text and draws attention to the recipients name.