Embedding Text, Logos and Graphics

The beauty of acrylic embedding is the ability to gracefully layer text, logos and graphics within the casting materials during the molding stage.

Often design requirements call for full color text or graphics with either a white background for high contrast or a clear background to enhanced the depth of the deal toy award. By UV printing on paper or acetate, our team can fully capture your message inside a clear acrylic block.

Acrylic embedded deal toy with printed paper cast inside crystal clear Lucite®Round acrylic embedment deal toy with printed cross section of a tree trunk on paper cast inside Lucite®Cast Lucite® embedment with a red acetate insert printed in full color.Full color printed paper embedment with Hollywood image over black acrylic accent.

The images above represent some of the unique projects US Acrylic Awards has done over the years using paper and acetate inserts. Notice how casting the graphics inside the acrylic creates a uniform floating canvas to share your message and highlight embeddable items.