Full Color UV Printing Acrylic

The ability to add full color graphics to acrylic sheet stock, embeddable paper and acetates increases the deal toy design options exponentially.

Over the past decade the ability to add color in our high production manufacturing facility has been achieved with the use of ultra violet printing techniques. US Acrylic Awards has two Mimaki flat bed printers and an APEX deep bed option with an adjustable printing bed to 24" for exceptionally thick printing requirements. Though screen printing has been used for decades in the manufacturing process of deal toys – the introduction of UV technology has improved the quality, color matching ability and production capabilities with the use of computer aided graphics.

Turtle shaped acrylic award with full color ClearChanel logo with blue background.Reverse UV printed acrylic block with back and white image of Brandman University.Full color Truly Nolan bug car reverse UV printed on custom shaped acrylic award.Acrylic encasement UV printed in full color with Crest logos and text.

In these images, you can see how combining color and custom shapes offers a whole new level of design options to deal toy awards.