Lucent™ Acrylic Awards

Colorful and unique – a corporate favorite with 10 color options to highlight your logo. The Lucent™ Acrylic Award sets the standard for personalized acrylic recognition awards.

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The Lucent™ Acrylic Award line is full of color. . .

When we set out to create the Lucent™ Colored Acrylic Awards line, we had one goal in mind — to create an engraved acrylic award that produces different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it could reflect and emit light.

We accomplished our goal with the creation of our Lucent™ Acrylic Award! Each shape is sleek and stylish. This acrylic recognition award is a color printed masterpiece featuring mirroring geometric shapes of clear and translucent acrylic gracefully sitting atop an acrylic award base. Laser engraving the acrylic offers a frosted look that is second to none. Utilizing your choice of 9 standard translucent colors plus the ability to create a fully custom acrylic award by using your corporate brand colors the possibilities for this unique trophy are limitless.


How is the Lucent™ line made?

Our Lucent™ Acrylic Awards line began with an artist’s concept and has since become one of our best sellers. Each of our 12 styles was designed via computer aided design and modeled prior to moving to production. Having a visual of the acrylic trophy prior to production is always helpful when we design new products because it allows us to make adjustments to the look prior to wasting any materials.

Placed on a clear 3/4” thick 4-side tapered base, the two 3/8” thick acrylic uprights are crystal-clear cast acrylic that will be laser cut to shape and diamond honed at the bottom to ensure bubble free gluing. Prior to laser cutting the colored upright component designed to attract light and give the Lucent™ a jewel tone appearance, we must first print one of six colors on the clear sheet stock. Each 3/8” thick sheet is inspected for quality then placed on one of our large flatbed direct color printers. The art crew created the print files to minimize waste and maximize output with Fiducial Markers that will be read by the camera on one of our high-power laser cutters. See more about Fiducial Markers “small registration dots” on our LaserCut™ Acrylic Awards page — coming soon. Once printed, the stock shapes are then taken to one of our three high power laser machines to be cut and prepared for diamond honing. The diamond honing process is the way reduces bubbles and unsightly flaws in the gluing process.

One of the characteristics that is so unique to the Lucent™ is the mixture of color and high-speed laser engraving. We laser engrave the front upright with accent lines to highlight the geometric shape of the award plus apply your logo and text to exacting standards. The laser machines frost the acrylic taking a micro layer from the surface and it’s that image frosting, contrasted against the translucent color that gives us the confidence to brand our line the Lucent™ Acrylic Award.

The Lucent™ is a combination of man-made materials combining with natural light to create one of the most unique custom acrylic awards on the market today.