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Large corporate event with award recipients being rewarded up on stage and fireworks going off behind them.

For most of the general population – public speaking does not come naturally. Adding the responsibility of planning an event plus presenting a recognition award properly takes it to the next level.

Because this is such an important function to the overall success of any recognition program – we’re going to take a look at a few worthy ideas to make your event a success.


Young woman planning a corporate awards event with post it notes stuck on glass window.Planning the event

Don’t procrastinate! Ouch – that dreadful word that many of us loathe, yet often fall into its treacherous black hole.

That said – put down your shovel and quit digging. Often the success of an event takes the leadership of someone with vision.

The vision to plan a successful event.

The vision to understand the importance of the presentation.

And the vision to know the impact it will have on the recipient and those attending.

Whether this is going to be an informal parking lot bar-b-que or a formal ceremony with hundreds of people – success is in the details.

If details are not your thing – find somebody in your organization that loves party planning or hire a professional firm like The Event Concierge. An event planning company can take all of the details off of your plate giving you the freedom to focus on big picture items.



Order the awards

Go figure – the Awards company is suggesting that you get your awards ordered early! Though US Acrylic Awards does rush orders as do many other trophy dealers – we will be the first to tell you – creating a really cool award or deal toy does not happen overnight. From materials, to custom shapes and creative designs – every day counts when it comes to creating something special that your recipient will treasure for a lifetime.

Plus if you have margin, last minute changes or additions are more probable – giving both the vendor and you the peace of mind to get them done properly.




Hand drawn graphic with the word "Big News" representing the importance of a press release when developing an awards presentation.Press release

Big events deserve big recognition. Though not all events require a press release – if yours does notify the media and invite them to the party. Even if no media presence is required – make sure somebody is there to take a good picture of the presentation because you can always use it in the company newsletter or publish it internally for those that couldn’t make it to the event.

A press release not only lets the public know how important the award presentation is – it offers a level of importance to the recipient and his peers.




Large microphone with background image of large group of people waiting for the big presentation.Get creative

The pinnacle of any recognition event is going to be the presentation of the award. Creativity in this role can make or break the celebration. We use the word celebration because that’s what awards programs are all about – celebrating hard work, a job well done and sometimes even a lifetime of achievements.

And the winner is…

The speech matters and is ultimately the warm up to making the recipient feel good about the award she’s being presented and helping the crowd understand the importance of the presentation. Though the trophy may be an important tangible gift to be taken home and displayed – it’s the peer recognition the recipient will remember each time they glance at the award.

Here are a few helpful ideas to incorporate into your presentation speech.

  • Introduce yourself letting the audience know how honored and humbled you are to be presenting the award.
  • Add a bit of humor trying not to offend anyone in the room. Keep it honest without using off-color comments.
  • Explain what the award is being presented for – making sure to highlight the recipient's role in being nominated and or presented the award.
  • Stories help the attendees relate to the recipient – especially if the story is centered on a project everyone worked on together.
  • Present the award as if it has great value by making sure it is sparkling clean displayed in a prominent location and handle it with care while presenting.
  • Invite the recipient to the stage to receive the award, shake their hand and give them an opportunity to speak.
  • Close by thanking those who have contributed to the event and give event closing instructions if expected to do so.



Chalk board drawing of multiple coffee cups transitioning into a trophy award.

Though it seems like a lot – remember we approached this content with a high level of formality.

The presentation should reflect the personality of your corporate culture taking into account the level of ceremoniousness you wish to demonstrate. If the best time to get all of your staff together is at the monthly breakfast meeting at Bob’s Big Breakfast or coffee at the corner shop – then by all means take the opportunity to present there.

Heck, US Acrylic Awards will even make you a custom shaped acrylic award that looks like a fried egg if you want.


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