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Motivating employees is no simple task.

Creating an impactful culture that’s centered on recognition not only motivates employees to perform better but can help attract new talent and retain internally developed staff.

Initiating a culture shift often begins at the top but is often introduced by mid-level management with the intent of motivating a team to better performance. No matter where the spark begins – cultivating a culture of employee satisfaction takes full corporate buy in, planning, and a long-term commitment to employee satisfaction.


Let’s take a look at a few ideas that should be considered when developing a culture of recognition.


Executive shaking an employees hand and thanking him for a job well done.Total management buy in.

Developing a culture where employees feel respected and appreciated takes total corporate participation. This is especially true of top-level management who are the models of culture in any business setting. If top-level execs think it’s more important to play golf than participate in a scheduled event… it goes without saying how that will affect culture and willingness of employees to participate in future events. However, if top execs support, encourage, and participate enthusiastically in events, it is likely that a cultural shift will begin to happen.



Group of coworkers helping each other climb to the peak of a mountain.Contributions toward corporate goals.

When an employee knows the goals of the company, it’s an easy transition to tie recognition to achievements. Management can play a great part by delivering clear communication to employees regarding goals and milestones. When milestones are achieved, or incremental progress is made – the opportunities for a meaningful thank you or to present a gift of appreciation increase.



Note on a napkin Imagine, Dare, Execute, Achieve – what it takes to be different.Not all recognition programs are the same.

It’s okay to be different! Our suggestion is to be creative and think outside the box – because as circumstances change so too should recognition opportunities. A recognition opportunity can be as simple as a thank you in the elevator on the way to a meeting, as fun as a company BBQ in the parking lot, or as elaborate as a formal dinner where top executives present awards for performance. What works for one organization may not work for another.



Executive at starting line.If you start it finish it.

Excitement about a new idea is often followed by planning and short term follow through. But developing a new corporate culture of recognition requires committing to the long term. This is an area where the “one and done” scenario is never going to make a permanent impact or cultural shift.

Far too often we see companies begin an employee recognition program, create an award to be displayed in the lobby trophy case and then neglect updating after a few months. Timely follow through on recognition commitment will grow into a workplace that looks forward to the times peers are recognized by management and hope that someday their hard work will be appreciated as well.



Human resources rep encouraging culture of recognition during on boarding session with new employee.Encourage recognition.

In a corporate culture of recognition employees are likely to experience recognition often. During onboarding they should be informed of any formal programs including incentives and recognition events plus be encouraged to thank coworkers for contributions towards the company’s success. If they came from a corporate culture that didn’t do these things, it will not come naturally – but with time and experiencing peer participation they soon will grasp the benefits and look for opportunities to encourage others organically.



Memorable office moment where coworkers are celebrating with confetti in the office.How to create memorable moments.

Memorable moments can happen one on one or during large corporate gatherings. A manager taking the time to catch up with one of his team members, check in on their progress, and then thank them for their efforts can be a very memorable experience and a timely pick me up. On the other hand, a planned corporate event to celebrate the completion of a big project and hand out a nice corporate award as a gift offers an even more powerful opportunity to tell the story of how and who contributed to the project.

From management down – allow time at the event for both management and recipients to speak. Be sure to include stories about the work that went into the project then mention specific names and contributions. Doing so will not only make the award more meaningful but encourage everyone present to work towards excellence.


US Acrylic Awards knows about employee engagement and we look forward to helping you create a culture of recognition in your office. Whether you need help developing an ongoing awards program or you wish to create a deal toy to celebrate the close on a big corporate project – we’re here to help.

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