Colored Acrylic Accents

Add color to enhanced your Lucite® Embedment

Our craftsmen often apply colored accents to deal toy awards to highlight embeddable items, laser engraving and corporate logos. Color can be added to the bottom or back of a Lucite® embedment during the casting stage. Available in white, black, blue or red – colored acrylic sheet stock is cut to shape in our shop then gracefully layered into the embedment depending on the design requirements.

Embedded cross on a chain with product logo Trinity Collection laser engraved on the surface of the acrylic block.Black accented acrylic embedment with cast photo and laser engraved text.Two police badges with blue accented acrylic background to highlight the gold service badges.Cast acrylic embedment with a red translucent acrylic accent cast into the center.

Notice in the images above how color can take an ordinary clear embedment and enhance the appearance by layering the liquid acrylic monomer / polymer mix, the colored accent and the embeddable item. Take advantage of our free design service to help you incorporate color into your design.