The Shape of Recognition

Question mark background with custom LaserCut™ Acrylic Award in the shape of a question mark in the foreground.

With so many shapes to choose from, many have asked US Acrylic Awards – What is the most popular shape and which one should I choose?

Many of our customers find this a puzzling issue and it’s a question that requires a bit of thought, especially as it relates to corporate recognition programs. Corporate awards often have logos, text, and embedded items cast directly into the Lucite® which may have an effect on the proposed shape.



That said, when our acrylic design team makes a suggestion, it’s often based on multiple factors.

To begin it’s important to mention that not all applications are the same. To name a few factors, some award budgets may be higher than others, design requirements could be more complicated, or the volume of text could often have a huge impact on the final trophy design.

Though this article does not take into account orders placed directly with our sales team, it’s important to note that the same care and quality goes into the design and consultation required to create each order placed directly on


Let’s take a look at the current ‘Shape of Recognition’ by total percentage of award shapes ordered.

The data used for this article is a poll of our most recent online 50 orders throughout the month of June 2023. We specify online, because nearly 80% of our customers choose to work with our sales team off platform to help them create unique designs specific to their corporate requirements.

Also it’s important to note that a full 9.2% of orders are not represented in this countdown since they represent a multitude of different shapes that did not add up to a percentage worthy of noting.


Here is our count down from our tenth most popular acrylic award shape to our most popular.


Stone look Octagon shaped acrylic trophies.#10 – Octagon 1.6%

A versatile shape, the Octagon came in as our 10th most popular shape with 1.6% of online purchases. The octagon is available in many of our stock trophy lines, including our lower cost Aspect™ and the Array™ acrylic embedment lines.

Often selected as a freestanding acrylic trophy, the shape lends itself well to fusing an acrylic base for stability and aesthetic appeal. Our Octagon is typically saw cut to shape, hand sanded, and either laser engraved or direct printed in full color to add the personal message and corporate identity.





Colorful peak shaped acrylic trophies with ColorCast™ Accent.#9 – Peak 2%

The five sided Peak shape is a true customer favorite. Landing in the #9 spot, with 2% of the online purchases – the Peak shape has plenty of space for corporate logos, text, and full color accents. Add laser engraving or full color graphics to make the Peak a monument to corporate achievement.

Often fabricated from Lucite® sheet stock, the Peak shape also is available cast out of Lucite® with colored acrylic or Starion® accents embedded deep inside the crystal clear resin. Take a look at our ColorCast™ and Composite™ lines for inspiration.





To colorful Lucent™ Candescent shaped acrylic trophy awards.#8 – Candescent 3.4%

In 8th place, with 3.4% of all March purchases, the Lucent™ Candescent is similar to two of our Apex shapes, mounted front to back with a translucent accent of color adding a glowing highlight to the trophy.

Available in 9 stock colors, plus customizable to match any corporate identity, the Candescent has a unique look when gracefully laser engraved on the trophy in front of the colored backdrop. It’s easy to add logos and text to the generous engraving area to recognize excellence in any organization.





Smoke and red acrylic Eclipse trophies.#7 – Eclipse 3.8%

Another of our exclusive Lucent™ line of acrylic trophies, the Eclipse lands solidly in the 7th spot with 3.8% of all online customer selections. Technically a circular shape, the Eclipse offers a translucent backdrop of color expertly shaped to create the illusion of a solar eclipse.

Choose from 9 stock translucent colors or go custom to enhance your corporate brand. The Eclipse offers plenty of space to engrave a logo and tie it all together with a personal message to the award recipient.






Two square shaped acrylic plaques with recognition wording printed in full color.#6 – Square 4%

From our low cost Aspect™ trophy line to our fully customizable Array™ embedment lines, the Square shape has always been a crowd favorite. Coming in at #6 with 4% of online purchases, the Square is a freestanding shape that can be accented with a base made of clear or colored Lucite® to highlight the trophy.

Hand cut and hand polished to perfection, there is nothing square about this trophy choice except its equilateral shape.






Three crystal clear acrylic obelisk shaped acrylic trophies with laser engraved recognition text.#5 – Obelisk 4.5%

We claim that our fifth place Obelisk shape is a monolithic trophy in our acrylic lineup and with 4.5% of all online orders – the Obelisk holds true to its dignified trade name. Available to purchase crystal clear from our Aspect™ line or add color or a stone look from our ColorCast™ and Composites™ lines.

An excellent shape to add dignity to any appreciation award, the Obelisk is hand cut, hand polished, and can be laser engraved or accented with full color printing to highlight your corporate brand.





Three ColorCast™ acrylic pillars shaped trophies.#4 – Pillars 11%

Coming in at a surprising 11% of online purchases, the #4 Pillars shape stands tall as a customer favorite. With a slightly peaked top, the Pillars shape is accented with your choice of 28 stock colors or glitter cast accents on each side to frame company logos and engraved text.

The craftsmen at US Acrylic Awards take pride in their ability to fully customize any acrylic trophy with Lucite® resins and colored sheet stock accents. An exclusive trophy, the ColorCast™ Pillar is a beefy 1” thick and stands upright on its own or have our team add a base to give it an extraordinary appearance.





Three acrylic circle embedment awards with full color printed castings.#3 – Circle 13%

Simple yet elegant, the Circle Acrylic Award or round shape landed in the #3 spot sporting 13% or all online sales. With its graceful round shape our acrylic experts fabricate a flat bottom into the circular shape so it can stand freely. The ‘Circle’ is available in all of our classic acrylic award lines as a crystal clear trophy, with colored accents, or with customer supplied items cast directly into the Lucite®.

Whether laser cut to shape or cast into a mold, our team is dedicated to making each and every circle trophy unique. One of our all time favorite cast acrylic embedments is in the shape of a circle and features a full color imprint insert of a log with black text and logo printed on the surface.




Rectangle acrylic embedment awards with full color imprinted inserts.#2 – Rectangle 22.2%

We knew the rectangular shape was popular, but it was a big surprise to have it represent a full 22.2% of all online acrylic trophy sales. Though the rectangle is simple in form, each of our exclusive trophy lines are available in the rectangular shape. Potentially, the shape being available in each of our acrylic trophy lines accounts for some of its popularity, but we would argue that it has a traditional appeal to both corporate and personal clientele that will never go out of style.

Our acrylic team can add color, cast objects gracefully inside the Lucite®, laser engrave, print full color designs, and entrap objects into acrylic rectangles. As a common shape, the rectangle offers an elegant canvas to get creative and recognize your team.




Three LaserCut™ custom shaped acrylic recognition trophies.#1 – Custom LaserCut™ Shape 25.4%

These days, custom is where it’s at and our LaserCut™ line is a top seller coming in at #1 on our list. A full 25.4% of all online acrylic trophy sales were contoured to shape thus creating a uniquely different trophy style. Cut to shape using high powered lasers, our LaserCut™ line is available in both trophy and medallion form and often accented with full color printing to highlight customer logos or event icons.

With very few limitations to the shape acrylics can be fabricated into – modern technology has opened the door to one of a kind trophies that are a sure hit at any event.

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