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The art of casting challenge coins in Lucite®
Many collectors have begun requesting custom keepsakes to protect and display their coins inside a crystal-clear thermoplastic named Lucite®. Suspending inside acrylic resins brings out the detail and highlights the colorful designs most challenge coins possess.
The Do's and Don'ts of Acrylic Embedding
Since the primary goal with every embedment we produce is to ensure optical clarity, let’s take a look at some of the materials we have found to distort the natural composition of clear acrylic. Remember we discussed the process of casting acrylic materials which requires subjecting the set-up mixture to pressure and heat while inside an autoclave. We also discussed the mixing ratios (or solvency) which often plays a significant role in the final outcome.
Employee Recognition... How to Get it Right!
The impact the awards program has on its recipients as well as any attendees of the event is what will ultimately determine how truly special your efforts are.
Selecting police retirement gifts...
At a whopping 45% increase in retiring officers, we’re often asked – what’s the best way to recognize a retiring public servant? Let’s begin by diving deeper, and answering a few important questions that may help you create the perfect retirement award.
What is a Deal Toy?
A souvenir to last a lifetime – it is certain deal toys have their place in the corporate world. Commemorating deals goes farther than just recognizing the team – deal toys have the effect of indicating corporate achievement.
Embedding treasures...
From personal memories like sea glass from your family beach trip to professional achievements like your retired police badge – Lucite® embedding offers a level of protection to your treasured possessions that no other compound can match.