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The landscape of Police Department staffing in 2021


Based on information gleaned from a Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) post dated June 11, 2021 – there has been a startling 45% increase in police retirement rates and a nearly 18% increase in resignations during 2020-21 compared to previous years. A total of 194 departments responded to the survey reflecting a mix of department sizes, states, and cities throughout the country. These statistics clearly reveal a unique problem of how to best recognize the retiring/resigning officers' service.

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Honoring Retiring Police Officers

At a whopping 45% increase in retiring officers, we’re often asked – what’s the best way to honor a retiring public servant?

Retirement gifts can be a challenge, especially for police officers and public servants. With so many variables to an officer's job description, the answer to that question requires a great deal of thought. Let’s begin by diving deeper, and answering a few important questions that may help you create the perfect police retirement award.


What kind of career did the officer have?

With many retiring officers, it’s not uncommon for them to have 30+ years on the force. Over 30 years, a public servant may often experience multiple job titles such as; patrol officer, detective, police sergeant, lieutenant, and potentially even chief. Not to mention the fact that they may have made the transition to another department mid-career.

Each of these should be considered thoughtfully when creating a gift. Especially as it relates to engraving or words of appreciation.




What is she going to do when retired?

If her intention is to buy a Harley, ship it to Australia and spend the next 20+ years riding and camping roadside to learn more about the Aboriginal culture – a big engraved wall clock might not be the most practical choice.

However, something small with significant meaning could be very well received.




What did he value most in his career?

Often in any career, there is a sweet spot where things are good. HIghlighting that moment in time would be a great idea when creating the presentation speech. Not to mention highlighting the moment with some laser engraved text.

If you don’t know what career events meant the most to an officer, ask him or someone close to him like his partner a few simple but thoughtful questions – what, where, and when.

  • What did you like most about your career?

  • Where were you when it happened?

  • When did it happen?

Of course there are likely many highlights to a 30+ year career, but these should get the conversation started, and potentially offer some good insight into his years of service.



I’m sure you’re beginning to ask the question – when are they going to tell me what's the most appreciated police retirement gift?


To be honest, we can’t respond to that question with a one size fits all answer. However let’s take a look at three of the most commonly appreciated gifts purchased, and presented to retiring officers.



Two retired police badges cast into a Lucite® Embedment with laser engraved and color filled text.Lucite® Embedment Police Service Badge

Clearly the best… and the most popular of our public service retirement awards. A Lucite® embedment offers the convenience of a small yet meaningful gift with the added benefit of protecting his service badge for a lifetime of viewing. Expertly crafted of a liquid monomer and powdered polymer – Lucite® Badge Embedments are a work of art, stand the test of time and can be cast with a single badge or multiples to represent each department or rank the officer held.

Many departments require the badge be cast inside a permanent embedment if the retiring officer wishes to take his service badge with him. Casting inside acrylic protects the badge, plus ensures it cannot be used in the future.

Three different Police Badge Lucite® Embedments with engraved text and different configurations.

Learn more about crystal clear acrylic, the mixing of Lucite® compounds and the finishing process by clicking the image below and watching this video showing the step by step production of a police badge gracefully suspended in clear acrylic with a blue highlight background.

Cell phone with video link and image of worker adding acrylic embedments into an autoclave during production of cast Lucite® Police Badges.


ColorCast Acrylic Trophy with laser engraved Border Patrol based and words of appreciation.Engraved Acrylic Trophy

Second on our list and very popular for police retirement is an engraved acrylic trophy. Our ColorCast™ line offers the versatility of clear acrylic with a hint of color that can be accentuated with any department logo printed in full color. Be sure to top it off with words of appreciation expertly laser engraved to remind the officer of her contributions.

Remember the who, what, and where question when writing the award content. Even a simple trophy can have significant meaning when career achievements are recognized. Our customer service department specializes in the design as well as verbiage to honor retiring officers.



Maltese Cross shaped acrylic plaques.Custom Acrylic Plaque

Engraved plaques have been used for decades as retirement awards. New to the scene are acrylic plaques. Acrylic offers a contemporary sleek look with plenty of room to document a worthy career. No longer are you limited to a standard wood plaque with metal engraving plate, since acrylic can be fabricated into custom shapes and printed in full color.

Our team can design custom LaserCut™ shapes or choose from our stock line of award winning plaque shapes and sizes.



A special thank you to police service men and women.

We at US Acrylic Awards wish to thank all of the dedicated service officers who risk their lives daily to protect our business, families and community. Whether you’re wanting to recognize a Police Officer, Sheriff, Deputy, Highway Patrolman, Border Patrol, Fireman, Imigration Officer, Probation Officer, or Private Security Officer – a cast Lucite® Embedment with their badge gracefully floating inside clear acrylic can be a gift cherished for a lifetime.

We are truly grateful to you and appreciate your willingness to navigate such a demanding career.


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