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Selecting Acrylic Awards
Today we are going to look into the processes behind each of our standard acrylic award products, in an effort to educate you on how acrylic awards are made, the manufacturing processes involved, and then cap it off with some of the most advanced engraving and decorating techniques we use everyday to personalize awards for companies around the US and Canada.
The Benefits of Employee Recognition
There is a saying ‘A happy employee is a productive employee’ which was coined in 2010 by Erin Davis of Utah State University. Presented at the 2010 annual American Library Association conference in Washington, D.C. – Erin highlighted the importance of staff development through training, development, and retention.
The Do's and Don'ts of Acrylic Embedding
Since the primary goal with every embedment we produce is to ensure optical clarity, let’s take a look at some of the materials we have found to distort the natural composition of clear acrylic. Remember we discussed the process of casting acrylic materials which requires subjecting the set-up mixture to pressure and heat while inside an autoclave. We also discussed the mixing ratios (or solvency) which often plays a significant role in the final outcome.
Is it really 'Made in the USA'?
Consumer confusion and unverified claims in the marketplace make it difficult to ensure seller claims are accurate, and the FTC rules can be complicated and difficult to understand. In this article we’re going to review the ‘Made in the USA’ and ‘Made in America’ statements you may find advertised by the award suppliers you use to recognize your team.
Appreciation + Recognition = Validation
For many, our work communities have largely morphed to virtual meetings and digital communications – leaving a large gap in the natural social need for human interaction and professional validation in the workplace. Though not all people are the same as it relates to the need for validation, it goes without saying that an employee who feels listened to, appreciated, and recognized for their contributions to the organization are more likely to have a sense of fulfillment.
The Art of Polishing Acrylic
Polishing acrylic is a painstaking process which may include multiple steps to create the crystal clear appearance Lucite® is known for. Often included in the machining process – planing, saw cutting, laser cutting, edging, sanding, and polishing. The final results are truly defined by the diligent efforts put forth.
Honoring Employees for Years of Service
We like to think of recognition as a way for employees to stand out from the crowd for a brief moment in their career. Creating an environment in which all employees experience the honor and importance of a Years of Service Award should be supported from the top of the corporate ladder all the way down to the new hires onboarding with the company.
Investment Banking Deal Toys. . . The Design Process!
From the initial idea to the closing bell, it’s important to recognize the people that made it happen. And when you want to say thank you with a gift that represents the momentous event, Deal Toys set the stage to remember the time and effort it took to bring it all together.
Employee Recognition... How to Get it Right!
The impact the awards program has on its recipients as well as any attendees of the event is what will ultimately determine how truly special your efforts are.
Selecting police retirement gifts...
At a whopping 45% increase in retiring officers, we’re often asked – what’s the best way to recognize a retiring public servant? Let’s begin by diving deeper, and answering a few important questions that may help you create the perfect retirement award.